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Specialized Courses

Studying Skillful Teaching: This course, from Research for Better Teaching, is their cornerstone offering for building teachers’ capacity to positively impact student learning. CPS has 2 In-District-Trainers who provide this course each year. Teachers who have taken the course see it’s impact, as do administrators (watch a video) in our schools. Watch a video about what teachers say about studying skillful teaching and administrator feedback about the impact of studying skillful teaching. 

Watch a video on how Studying Skillful Teaching elevates practice in schools.

Cultural Proficiency: Consistent with the district plan to provide “all CPS educators with cultural proficiency training”, the concept of this course was designed by CPS educators based on survey data collected from over 500 CPS faculty. The intent of this work is to train 2 educators from each school so that they are well equipped to support any ongoing or beginning work in their schools to make learning culturally relevant for our students. Faculty from Wheelock College will lead this course beginning in November, 2017. Watch a video >>