Public Information

At the district level, CPS strives to provide transparent and readily accessible information about our schools, policies and programs. Under the Chief Operating Officer's supervision, communications staff provide useful, timely, and culturally-respectful information to families and the community by:

  • Producing up-to-date information for current and new families to learn about the school system's resources, policies and procedures.
  • Announcing large-scale changes such as new School Committee policies and major renovations and school relocations.
  • Producing parent-friendly communications about key instructional and curriculum-related information.
  • Expanding language translation protocols and practices to ensure access to information by all families.

CPS will also seek to facilitate awareness of and appreciation for the strength of our programs and resources by:

  • Producing effective, branded marketed communications that highlight the value of a CPS education.
  • Sharing success stories via the web and social media, as well as through coverage in the local press.
  • Leveraging City of Cambridge communications to emphasize the quality of Cambridge Public Schools

Media Contacts:
Dr. Kenneth Salim, Superintendent of Schools

Jim Maloney, Chief Operating Officer

More Information:
Rosalie Rippey, Family Communications Manager

Lisa Waters, Web & Online Services Manager