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Welcome to the Science Department's website.
beakers.jpgThe goal of the Science Department is to develop scientifically literate citizens by teaching them to think critically in school and as life long learners. We set out to instill a never-ending curiosity about the world and to develop the skills necessary to investigate questions. We seek to challenge students to recognize problems, ask and explore questions, formulate working hypotheses, determine the best way to observe phenomena, construct and revise models, handle data with accuracy, reach tentative conclusions consistent with what is known, and express themselves clearly about the significance of findings. The acquisition by students of cognitive processes such as these and the habits of mind and attitudes that underlie them is a fundamental component of our standards based, nationally and state aligned science curriculum. The science department supports implementation of this curriculum through professional development focused on content and pedagogy, which insures fidelity of implementation, while providing a structured environment for continued reflection and refinement of the curriculum. We believe in academic challenge for all students and foster this mindset through strong instruction and developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Supports from the science department will ensure that students in Cambridge Public Schools will:

  • engage in classrooms that stimulate curiosity, create enjoyment of science, and develop depth of understanding; and
  • experience higher levels of academic achievement that eliminate inequities and achievement gaps between student groups.

On this site you will be able to understand more about what we teach in the science department from JrK through 12th grade electives. Please feel free to contact with questions, concerns, or suggestions for making this website more useful.

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Janet MacNeil
JK Science Curriculum Coordinator
159 Thorndike Street, Cambridge