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History and Social Science

Welcome to the History and Social Science Department website. The department is committed to promoting the teaching of history and social science in all K-12 classrooms. We support a rigorous, meaningful curriculum that deepens students’ analytical skills, cultivates historical curiosity, and promotes informed citizenship. 

The curriculum sequence for History and Social Science is designed to provide our students with a relevant, student-centered experience in the study of history, geography, economics, and political science.  Students in our program develop the following skills:

  • reading like a historian, by interpreting primary and secondary sources
  • analytical writing
  • research, including locating and using reliable sources

We strive to nurture life-long learners who are engaged in understanding the human story and in becoming effective, active citizens in our changing global world.

On this site, you can learn more about what we teach in the history and social science department from kindergarten through grade 12. 

Teachers in Cambridge Public Schools can access the curriculum by clicking here.

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