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Google Sites

New Google Sites
Google Sites has just launched a new platform. We recommend all new sites to be created using the new Google Sites platform. To use the new Google Sites, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your Google account at
  • Click on the 9-squared icon in the top right corner and click on Sites.
  • Click on Create > In New Sites
  • Now you can begin to drop and drag content areas and build your site.

Once your content is created, please share the site with Lisa Waters adding Lisa as a full owner. We will then review the site to ensure it meets CPS standards and branding and post it to the school website. 

When selecting a theme for the site, please DO NOT select Diplomat or Impression. When you select the theme, it will ask you to choose the font color, please select the blue color.

Just to let you know, when you are using the new Google Sites, you may notice some features missing that existed in the classic sites to include: choices of font styles, colors, or the ability to view in html code. Google states that this is the basic launch and they will be adding new features along the way. We are not sure what these features are at this time.

Existing Classic Google Sites
In Q4 2017, Google will launch features in the classic Sites that will help site owners migrate their content to the new Sites. In 2018, Google will provide tools that will enable G Suite admins to effectively manage the migration process. Eventually the classic sites will be deprecated and all will need to be migrated. ICTS will keep you posted when those tools are available and will provide guidelines on how to do this at the time.

If you don't want to wait for the migration tools, please feel free to transfer your content manually over to the new version by coping and pasting.

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Open to all CPS staff.
None at this time.


Google Sites Support

Teacher Web Site Development Guidelines & Classic Google Sites Initial Setup Instructions 

How to embed a MediaCAST video into a Classic Google Site (this link is only accessible to CPS Staff)