Transportation Safety Procedures

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Please review the rules that are outlined here with your children and make sure that they understand what is expected of them while they are boarding, riding and leaving the school bus.

Boarding the bus
Children should step on the bus quickly and be seated at once. No unauthorized adults are allowed on our buses.

Riding the Bus
Students may not distract the driver or block the driver’s view. Animals are not allowed on school buses. Students may not play personal radios or tape decks while on bus. CPS reserves the right to assign seats to all students at any given time. Failure to comply with such requests will result in immediate removal from the bus and the possibility of suspending the student's busing privileges indefinitely.

Seat Belts
All school buses are equipped with seat belts for student safety. Please encourage your children to fasten their seat belts on the bus, just like they do at home.

Leaving the Bus
For your child’s safety, a parent or other authorized adult or older sibling must meet students in Grades JK-2 at the bus stop. Students in grades K-2 must wear a yellow bus tag that has been properly completed with the afternoon bus stop; and they will not be allowed to leave a bus unless there is an adult or older sibling whom the child recognizes at the the bus stop.

If no parent/guardian/older sibling is present, the student will be brought to:

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS)
Safety and Security Office
459 Broadway, Cambridge

Other situations in which a student might be transported to CRLS include a student falling asleep on the bus and therefore missing their stop; or a student getting on the wrong bus. Please remind your young children not to get off the bus unless they recognize whomever is scheduled to meet them.

Make sure that your child's school has a current emergency contact name and telephone number so that the Safety/ Security office and/ or the Transportation office can reach you when necessary.
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