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Laurance V. Kimbrough

LAURANCE V. KIMBROUGH is a Cambridge Public Schools graduate, a former employee of the Cambridge Public Schools and the parent of a junior kindergartener at the Fletcher Maynard Academy. The son of two former CPS employees, Laurance is married to Meredith Hubbell, a fellow educator and “kid from Cambridge”. As a former high school and college tennis coach, guidance counselor and teacher, Laurance believes that education should be “a practice of freedom,” (bell hooks) and hopes to work toward ending the legacy of all forms of American oppression through his work in education. Mr. Kimbrough’s former employers include Discovery Zone, Olympia Sports, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, Intramural Sports at the University of Arizona, Boston Sports Club and JetBlue Airlines. He is currently a stay-at-home father with his eight month old son Carver (who is named after a character from his and his wife’s favorite TV show, The Wire). Ubuntu. Uhuru.