Grade 1

The overarching theme for Grade One Science is patterns, which are used to predict future events. Students explore patterns in 1) the ways that animals and plants use their parts to get what they need to survive and grow, 2) how light and sound behave, and 3) the apparent motion of the Sun, Moon, and stars in relation to the Earth.

Unit Description
Essential Questions
Plant and Animal Parts

Students explore how the different parts of animals and plants help them get what they need to survive and grow.
How do the parts of plants and animals help them survive and grow?
Light and Sound
In this unit, students investigate the connections between vibrations and sound, and how light behaves to make shadows. They use what they learn to uncover ideas about how people use light and sound to send messages.
What causes sound?

How are shadows made?
Sky Patterns
Students make observations to describe patterns in the sun, moon, and stars over time. They use this information to predict future events.
What patterns do we notice in the sky over time?

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