Grade 4

The overarching themes for Grade Four Science are patterns and change. Students explore these themes by focusing on changes in Earth’s surface, transfer and transformation of energy (including waves), and animal and plant adaptations.

Unit Description Essential Questions
Earth's Changing Surface
Students build on what they learned in the 2nd Grade Earth’s Surface unit by exploring in more detail how Earth surface is changed over time by the processes of weathering, erosion and deposition. They are introduced to how rocks are formed, and look for patterns that explain plate tectonics.
Why is the earth’s surface shaped the way it is?
Energy and Engineering
In this unit, students gather evidence to show that energy can be transferred from place to place by motion, sound, light, heat, and electrical currents.
Where does energy come from? Where does energy go?

How does energy move from place to place?
Waves Building on the Energy unit, students learn how energy travels in waves.
How do waves transfer energy and information?
Environments and Living Things
Digging deeper into the topic of adaptations from previous grades, students investigate how changes to an environment affect how well an organism with specific structures and behaviors can survive and reproduce. They also explore how fossils provide evidence about how the environment has changed.
What happens to organisms when environments change?

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