Grade 5

The theme for Grade 5 Science is systems: the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars system, and Earth systems (ecosystems and matter in Earth’s systems).

Unit Name Understandings Essential Questions
Earth, the Moon, and the Stars Students study the relationships between Earth and other nearby objects in the solar system, and how those objects interact to form patterns of events as seen from Earth.
How can we explain patterns that we observe in the sky?
Matter in Earth Systems In this unit, students explore the particulate nature of matter and use the concrete context of the water cycle to model what cannot be seen.
Can water be used up?

How do scientists develop models for things they cannot see?
Living Things and Ecosystems Building on the Matter in Earth Systems unit, students investigate connections and relationships between living and nonliving things in ecosystems and figure out how matter and energy are cycled through these components.
What makes an ecosystem a system?
Chemistry: Properties of Matter As an introduction to chemistry, students explore the properties of matter.
What does it mean for matter to be the same or different?

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