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Library Media Department Contacts

Amy Short, Assistant Director of Library Media Services 617.349.6942
Elizabeth Mezzacappa, Clerk
Monday - Thursday | 8AM - 2PM
Fridays | 8AM - 4PM
Gillian Bartoo, Cataloguer and Automation Specialist 617.349.6780
Administrative Office Hours: 7:30AM – 4:30PM

Teachers' Resource Center
Melanie Nash, Library Media Specialist 617.349.6779
Erica Modugno, Media Technical Assistant 617.349.6778
TRC Office Hours:
Monday – Friday | 7:15AM - 4PM

Media Arts
Channel 98:
CRLS and other educational access programming
Channel 99:
Public Information
Located at the Media Arts Studio, 454 Broadway
Ginny Berkovitz, Media Arts Manager 617.349.6744
Angelica Brisk, Visual Design & Media Journalism Instructor 617.349.6635
Dacia Kornechuk, RSTA Media Technology Instructor 617.349.6805
Alex Peacher, Media Arts Instructor 617.349.6635
Josh Arevalo, Media Arts Instructor 617.349.6635
Brad Glanden, Channel Programmer 617.349.6733